Ganesh Chaturthi Tambola/Housie Ticket


Ganesh Chaturthi Tambola Tickets

We all love lord Ganesha . Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated as birthday of Lord Ganesha. Lord Ganesha is also called Vighnaharta. Ridhi and Sidhi is known as wives of Ganesha .There is an atmosphere of happiness everywhere.You can Arrange Ganesh Chaturthi Theme Tambola in your Kitty Party and Other Events To make Ganesh Chaturthi even happier, we have come with Tambola tickets for you with very interesting dividends. 

Ticket 1
Ganesh chaturthi tambola Housie

This Tambola/Housie Game Ticket has so Many Interesting dividends/offers below am giving the list of Divideds in detail.


  1. Shri Ganesh (Early 9)
  2. Vighanharta ( Any One Number in each dividend)
  3. Ganesha (Numbers of GANESHA Alphabets written Separately with each dividen)
  4. Gauri Putra (First Number of each Dividend)
  5. Ridhi (1-45)
  6. Sidhi (46-90)
  7. Ganesh Sthapna (All Pink Circle Numbers)
  8. Vinayak (All Purple Circle Numbers )
  9. Bal Ganesha (All Blue Circle Numbers)
  10. Ganesh Pooja (All Orange Circle Numbers)
  11. Visarjan (All Green Circle Numbers)
  12. Modak (All Numbers Around Modak)
  13. Ganpatti Bappa Mariya (Full House 1)
  14. Happy Ganesh Chaturthi (Full House 2)
For More Explanation Watch the following Video.

Ticket 2

1. Shri Ganesha Deva (Early 7)
2.Choco Modak (Both parts of Choco Modak)
3.DryFruit Modak (Both Parts of Dryfruit Modak)
4.Mango Modak (Both parts of Mango Modak)
5.Malai Modak (Both Parts of Malai Modak)
6. Mix Fruit Modak (Both Parts of Mix Fruit Modak)
7. Pista Modak (Both Parts of Pista Modak)
8. Golden Modak (Both Parts of Golden Modak)
9. Madak Prashad
(Any 2 Left Part adjacent Modak +Any 2 Right Part Adjacent Modak)
10. Sukh Karta (All Left Side Parts Modaks)
11. DukhHarta (All Right Side Parts Modaks)
12. Ganpati Bappa Morya (Full House 1)
13. Happy Ganesh Chaturthi (Full House 2)

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