Corona Theme Tambola/Housie Tickets/Variations

Corona Theme Tambola

Stay safe from Corona virus and enjoy this corona theme tambola tickets with your family and friends. Play the Corona theme tambola/housie and inspire all to follow the safety measures. we named it as "Stay Safe" Tambola.

Corona theme tambola/housie ticket

Dividends/Variation list
1. Corona Warriors (Early 7)
2. Go Corona (Min. 1 Number in each dividend)
3. wear mask
4.Social Distancing
5. Stay Home
6. Hand sanitizer
7. Covid Vaccine
8. Boost Immunity
9. Always carry (wear mask + Hand sanitizer)
10. save us (Social Distancing + Covid vaccine)
11. Eat Healthy (Boost immunity + stay home)
12. Stay Safe (Full House 1)
13. Health is Wealth (Full House 2)

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