International Women's Day Theme Tambola/Housie Game

 3 Women's Day Theme Tambola/Housie Game

 International Women's Day is celebrated on 8 March every year around the world. So we are here with very interesting tambola/housie tickets to celebrate the social,economical,cultural and political achievements of women.

1. Ticket No 1  

Dividends/Variations/Callouts of the Internation Women's Day Tambola Ticket

1. I am versatile ( early 7)
2. Multitasking (Min 1 Number from each dividend)
3. Kind hearted (Numbers in Heart shapes)
4.Wonderful (All Blue Numbers)
5. Organized (All pink Numbers)
6. Marvelous (All Purple Numbers)
7. Efficient (All Green Numbers)
8.Nurturing (All Orange Numbers) 
9. Remarkable (All Center dividend numbers)
10. Mother (Smallest Number of each divined)
11.Super Active (Biggest Number of each dividend)
12. Happy Women's Day (Full House 1)
13. Lets Rock The World (Full House 2)

Watch the following video to know how to play the game.

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