5 Unique Summer Theme Tambola/Housie

 Summer Theme Tambola/Housie

We are here with Summer Theme tambola with very unique and interesting dividends/offers/variations. So Lets start the summer with this new summer masti theme tambola. 

Summer Tambola/Housie 1

Dividends List

1. Super hot Summer (Early 6)

2. Pool Splash (1 no. in each Column)

3. Yummy Ice Cream (All Ice Creams)

4. Delicious Fruits ( All Fruits)

5. Thanda Thanda cool cool (All drinks)

6. Mountain Visit (All Hill Stations)

7. Summer Face Care 

(Sun screen + Face wash + Face Pack + Face Toner)

8. Beach Wear

(Flip flops + Beach shorts + Goggles + Beach Hat)

9. Tracking (4 Diagonal No.s)

10. Hawa Hawaii(Any 3 pairs (Adjacent No.s))

11.Just Chill (Any 2 Columns)

12.Ice Ice Baby ( Any 2 lines)

13.Refresh and Relax(Any 1 Column + Any 1 Line)

Full House 

1.Summer Masti

2.Beat The heat

3.Welcome Summer

To know more plz watch the video

Summer Tambola/Housie 2

Summer Tambola/Housie(Pani Puri/Golgappe) 3

Summer Tambola/Housie(Cold Drinks Tambola) 4

Summer Tambola/Housie(Pani Puri/Golgappe) 4

Summer Tambola/Housie(Cold Drinks Tambola) 5

Summer tambola Housie

Summer Tambola/Housie(Summer Tambola) 6

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