2 Birthday Tambola Ticket


 Birthday Tambola Ticket

Birthday is very special for all of us.We all make birthdays even more special by celebrating with our family and friends.A party is made when family and friends are together. Tambola Tickets Make Our Parties More Fun. So here we are presenting Birthday Theme Tambola Tickets with very Interesting Tambola dividends/variations

Birthday Tambola Tickets 1

List Of Dividends 
  1. Special day (Early 3)
  2. Bar Bar din ye aaye (one number in each dividend)
  3. I love Decoration (Decoration)
  4. I want Birthday cap(Caps)
  5. snacks are so yummy (snacks)
  6. Let's cut the cake (Cake)
  7. Bahut Special Gift layi hun mein (Gifts)
  8. Oh Mein to bas Returb Gift ke liye Rukki thi party mein ab tak ( Return Gift)
  9. Chhote tera Birthday aaya (Full House)
Birthday Tambola Tickets 2
Birthday  Tambola/Housie Tickets

 List Of Dividends Birthday Tambola 2 

  1. Celebration day (Early 3)
  2. Cap (1st Block)
  3. Cake (2nd Block)
  4. Snacks(3rd Block)
  5. Balloons (4th Block)
  6. Gifts (5th Block)
  7. Dance & Music (6th Block)
  8. Bar Bar Din ye aaye(Upper Ticket)
  9. Abhi to party Shuru huyi hai(Lower Ticket)
  10. Chhote tera Birthday aaya (Full House)
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