About us

About Us

We deal in Soft copy of 

  • Tambola Housie tickets
  •  Paper Games
  • invitation cards
  • Digital Invitation Cards
 We take orders for Customised Theme Based Tambola/Housie Tickets. We can Give your tickets personal touch with your special message, host name, event name or club name.

Here you will find

  • Kitty Party Theme Ideas
  • Birtthday theme tambola Tickets and ideas
  • Wedding Anniversary Tickets and ideas
And Many More…

Normal Tambola Tickets with Theme Based Background

Some more Attractions Free printable tambola,

Tambola/Housie is considered to be an easy, convenient game for social gathering of all age groups. So are you bored of same classic, old and regular tambola games? We have come up with 2 factors to make it more entertaining. Adding the theme to them and making them with different concepts so to play them in different ways.

We design your Tambola tickets as if designing for our own party. With love and Professional touch.

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