3 Winter Theme Tambola Tickets

 Winter Theme Tambola Tickets

Winters are here, we are also here with very interesting welcome winter/chilled winter theme tambola tickets. we like to take tea/coffee,wear sweater, get warmth from fireplaces in winter season. With these Tambola tickets you can increase your winter fun. Play these winter theme tambola tickets with your family friends and in your kitty parties.

1. Chilled Winters Tambola Ticket

Dividends of Winter Theme Ticket
  1. Sardi Ka Maza(Early 5)
  2. W (Numbers below W alphabet)
  3. I (Numbers below I alphabet)
  4. N (Numbers below N alphabet)
  5. T (Numbers below T alphabet)
  6. E (Numbers below E alphabet)
  7. R (Numbers Below R alphabet)
  8. Winter (First Row of Block)
  9. Ek Garam Chaye Ki Pyali 
  10. Sardi Mein Garmi Ka ehsas
  11. Jab chali Thadi Hawa 
  12. Happy Winters (Full House)

2. Welcome Winters Theme Tambola/Housie

Welcome winter Tambola

3. Sardi Welcome Winters Theme Tambola/Housie Dividends/offers

Winter Theme Tambola

Contact us to buy softcopy of this ticket without watermark n with Numbers @ 7829223174

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