4 Navratri Theme Tambola/housie Ticket

 4 Navratri Theme Tambola Variations


Navratri is a Hindu festival. As it is known in its name, Navratri means nine nights, then this festival goes on for nine nights and ten days. Navratri is celebrated twice a year according to the Hindu calendar, once in the month of Chaitra which falls in the months of March and April.And the second in Ashwin month which falls in the month of September or October. In this, nine forms of Mata Durga are worshiped.  

Navratri is around the corner so I am here with very interesting Navratri theme Tambola Ticket with very interesting dividends.  in this ticket I have used the things which we use for the worship of goddess Durga. 

 Dividends/ Tambola Variations/Offers

  1. Punch Meva (Early 5)
  2. Aarti (Jyoti + kapoor Number)
  3. Shingar (Chunri + Shingar Numbers)
  4. Parshad (Mithai,Mewa Numbers)
  5. Chawki (Chawki,kalash Numbers)
  6. Dance (Dandiya,Garba Numbers)
  7. Vrat (phal,Phlahar Numbers)
  8. Happy Navratri ( All Numbers of Happy Navratri alphabets)
  9. Mata Ki Pooja (All Numbers of Hindi Words)
  10. 5 Lines
  11. Jai Mata Ki (Full House )

To know more about this Tambola ticket Variations watch the following video

Navratri Pooja Theme Tambola 
Navratri theme Tambola

To know About the Navratri Pooja Tambola dividends/offers/Variation Watch the Video

Navratri Dandiya(Garba) Tambola /Housie

Navratri Tambola

To know About the Navratri Dandiya(Garba) Tambola dividends/offers/Variation Watch the Video

Navratri Falahar Thali(Vrat) Tambola/Housie Ticket

Dividends List
1.Falahar Bhojan (Early 7)
3.Kuttu Ki Puri
6.Sabudana Khichdi
7.Diet Thali
8.Normal Thali
9.Delux Thali
10.Super Delux Thali
11.Alloo Sabzi (Orange Colour No.s)
12.Samak Rice (Blue Colour No.s)
13.Salad(Red Colour No.s)
14.Makhana Kheer(Green Colour No.s)
15.Navratri Thali(Full House 1)
16.Mata Ka Upvas (Full House 2)


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