Dussehra (Dushehra)Theme Tambola Ticket(Vijaydashmi)

 Dussehra Theme Tambola Ticket(Vijaydashmi)

Victory of Good over evil , Dussare(Dushehra) is all about Victory of Good Over Evil, Dus means "ten" & hara means "defeat" . It symbolizes the slaying of the demon King Ravana who was ten headed by Lord Rama, the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu. That's why Dussera is also known as "Vijaydashmi" ,In today's Dussehra theme Tambola ticket, we have included all these things. 

About Dussera Tambola Ticket
In this ticket, two heads symbolize each  evil Like (Kaam,Krodh,lobh,moh,Ahnkar),Kubhkaran,Meghnath, Shri Ram. we have given 32 Numbers in this ticket.

By playing this Tambola ticket with your children, you can also explain the importance of Dussehra to your children as well as you can play this Dussera tambola in kitty party,office party,club function.

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Dussehra Theme Tambola Ticket 1

Dussehra theme Tambola

You can download this ticket for free and fill the number from 1 to 90 in this ticket and enjoy it in your party. Dividends of the game are given on the ticket for the ease of the members.

Dividends /Variations

  1. Kaam (numbers's of both Kaam Heads)
  2. Krodh ( numbers's of both Krodh Heads)
  3. Lobh (numbers's of both Lobh Heads)
  4. Moh (numbers's of both Moh Heads)
  5. Ahnkar (numbers's of both Ahnkar Heads)
  6. Kubhkaran (Numbers of Kubhkaran)
  7. Meghnath (numbers of Meghnath)
  8. Lankha Dehan ( First Line of Ravan Head's Numbers)
  9. Ravan (Second Line of Ravan Head's Numbers
  10. Burai par achhai ki jeet (Full House 1)
  11. Happy Dussera (Full House 2)

Dussehra Theme Tambola Ticket 2

Dussehra Tambola/housie

Click on below lick to watch the video for Dussehra tambola/housie Ticket offers

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