Funny Karva chauth Theme Tambola Game (Karwa Chauth Tambola)

Funny Karwa Chauth Special Games 

1. Subh Karva chauth Theme Tambola Game

Karwa Chauth is around the corner , it comes after Dussera Celebration. This is  a very special day for Indian Women they get dressed like brides put mehndi (Henna) on their hands and do fasting from sunrise to moon rise  for the safety and longevity of their husband.  Ladies love to play tambola in the evening to pass their time at best or plan their kitty party on karwa chauth theme and wants to play karwa chauth theme tambola, so i am here with karwa chauth theme Tambola ticket . 

About the Karwa chauth Tambola Ticket

In this tambola ticket we put all the rituals  that we do on the karwa chauth like "Sargi" , "Shringar" , "Argh/Pooja"  etc.  in this ticket we used 27 numbers.

Karwa Chauth Tambola Ticket

How To play

Distribute one ticket to each member, after that host will start calling the numbers and member will strike the number if they have in their ticket and they can claim following dividends 

Karwa chath Tambola Dividends/Variation

  1. Veero/Veera (Early 7)
  2. Mehndi  
  3. Nariyal
  4. Chand
  5. Karwa
  6. Prantha
  7. Bangles
  8. Mithali
  9. Matthi
  10. Sindhoor
  11. Nariyal + Mithai + Prantha (Sargi)
  12. Mehndi + Bangles + Sindhoor (Shringar)
  13. Chand + Karwa + Matthi (Argh/Pooja)
  14. Vrat (All Yellow Numbers)
  15. Piya ki Pyari (all Green Numbers)
  16. Sada Suhagan (All Red numbers)
  17. Happy Karva Chath (Full House 1)
  18. Karva mata ki jai (Full House 2)
Watch The video to understand more clearly

2. Karwa chauth Vrat Theme Tambola Game

Karwa Chauth Tambola Tickets with very interesting Dividends.

Dividend List

  1. Early 5 (Solhan Shrigar)
  2. Sajana (Numbers written with separately written alphabets)
  3. Ghunghte mein Chanda hai ( Chand Numbers)
  4. Mehndi Lga Ke Rkhna (Mendi)
  5. Chudi jo khanki Hath Mein (Chooriya)
  6. Sada Suhagan (Suhagan)
  7. Sargi (Sargi)
  8. Argh (Argh)
  9. Chooriya + Mehndi ( Shringar)
  10. Sargi + Suhagan ( Sargi)
  11. Chand + Argh (Pooja)
  12. Rab ne bna di jodi (Full House)

Watch the video for details

3. Funny Karwa chauth Theme Tambola Game

Very Unique Karwa Chauth Tambola/Housie Tickets with very interesting Dividends.

Funny Karwa Chauth Tambola Tickets

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